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Following a community meeting in September 2010 the new organisation: Woodgate Community Events was formed and incorporated. The goals of this organisation are to identify community needs for recreation, celebration and creative expression, to organise a calendar of events and to locate the necessary resources to manage and promote them.

The organisation has the vision for Woodgate Beach to be recognised as a creative community where residents and visitors have access to a range of recreational and cultural activities.

The members of the organisation are the familiar faces that have been organising successful activities over the past few years. This new organisation simply gives structure to their volunteer initiatives and takes the pressure of organising the recreational and cultural activities off the many other volunteer organisations that have broader briefs in the community around safety, quality of life and environmental issues. The members are at the service of the community and these other organisations to support them when planning events.

In 2011 the organisation already plans to hold activities at Easter and in Queensland Week. As a new organisation there are no surplus funds and events will aim to be self funding or fund raising in nature. Any profits made will be returned to the community through its service organisations or to add value to community events.

Volunteers to work with the committee or to serve in the events will be made most welcome.

Jude Pippen for the WCE Organising Committee

PO Box 144, Woodgate Beach Qld 4660. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.