The Woodgate Rural Fire Brigade is based at the Emergency Services Centre on the corner of Acacia Street and Third Avenue at Woodgate. As of April 2011 we had 28 active members and 8 support members.

The Brigade was founded in 1971, 2015 is it 44th year of providing a service to the community of Woodgate.

We have two fire appliances designed to respond to rural fires as well as a support vehicle

Our monthly meeting is on the first Saturday of each month and training is held on the first and third Monday of the week after the monthly meeting. The monthly meeting commences at 8:30am and training at 4:00pm.

Training is usually proceeded by a short test of the fire sirens so if you hear them around 4pm on a Monday don't be concerned.

Want to join us? Call the First Officer, Keith Parry on 0448 025 665. Application from Juniors and Adults are very welcome.

To become a member of a rural fire brigade you need to be at least 16 years of age and undergo a Criminal History Check. Members aged between 16 and 18 years of age are considered Registered Juniors and require their parents’ permission to join. More details are available from Application Process

What should you do if you see a fire?









 What happens then?


Your call will be referred to the North Coast Fire Communications Centre on the Sunshine Coast orFirecom as we know them. Do not call the local brigade.


Firecom will contact the First Officer and then set off the three sirens located in Woodgate. This alerts the volunteer firefighters who report to the Emergency Service Centre and then attend to the fire.

Frequently Asked Questions