January 2014


I have sent out an email to all members notifying them of the upcoming AGM. This will be held on Monday 17th February, at 10am in the Community Hall.  Following the meeting we will be having a BBQ/Sausage sizzle and all partners are welcome to join us. It will be a good way to welcome in a year that will be very significant, not only for Woodgate Men’s Shed Inc, but also for the Woodgate Community.

 All committee positions are available and nominations can called for from the floor at the AGM or forms can be either printed off  from the official notification sent out to all members who have an email address,  or obtained from me at 10 Tailor Street (4126 5253). Elections will only be necessary if there is more than one nomination for a position.

We are particularly looking for a new secretary or a caretaker secretary as Kate and I will be overseas in March/April. This will be a busy time and it will need someone’s dedicated attention.


Preparations are well in hand and a start date of Tuesday 28th January has been set. You will not see a hive of activity on site for a while as there is a bit of preparation to be done before the earth works can be started. Phil Nelson, our appointed “contractor”, has been back and forwards to the building certifiers who requested some minor changes to the drawings because of the latest legislation. This has meant moving some doors, some minor adjustments to the second toilet and to the wheelchair access ramp.

Once all this is cleared the Operation Works approval can be obtained and then the Building Approval applied for.   All of course with the appropriate fee ! Then we will see some action. Darren Abraham is set to go on the earth works and Ron Simpson is ready to go with the concreting.  The Shed kit will be delivered on site and  Wayne Thompson and Gary Jones will erect it for us.

Hopefully we will have a shed on the block by April into which we can move and finish the fit-out ourselves.  We have many skills amongst the ready and willing members; we have plumbers, electricians, painters, plasterers and many more. They can’t wait to get their hands on their shed !!


We have recently taken delivery of 62 sheets of 9mm lining boards for the Shed. This has been donated by Laminex Group and negotiated for us by Glen Bartlett. U-Haul donated the use of a trailer to fetch the sheets from Gympie. Graham Black went and got the sheets and they are now stored in Jimmy Frampton’s garage. Thank you to all those concerned, including the members unloading the boards at this end.

Member John Henderson has donated a professional grade Brother printer which is capable of printing A3 (large) as well as A4 size paper. This will be a boon for printing plans, etc. Up until now we have had the services of Graham White at Woodgate Beach Pacific Realty who has kindly done the large size printing for us. When a set of our plans runs to 30 sheets and 6 sets are required, Graham has been very obliging with our requests. Thank you Graham.

From Jim and Jill Greenwood we have received a nice patio style hooded BBQ and gas bottle with a cover. This BBQ will make an excellent permanent facility in the Shed, it is not the type that will go out on fund raising expeditions. Thank you Jim and Jill.

From the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal Graham (Black) has won a grant of around $462 which we must use for the purchase of training DVDS and the like. This is the second grant we have had from FRRR, and we thank them for this.


Health Member, Robert Bell, has in the pipeline a session by the Stroke Foundation and this will be delivered after Easter. 

The Not-for-Profit status that Sheds like ours now enjoy is under review by the Australian Tax Office and we must be seen to be complying with our charter. So please come along and support these sessions. To date we have had sessions on prostate cancer (2), depression, prescription drugs and Alzheimer’s.

If you have any ideas as to what you would like to hear about, please talk to either Robert or myself and we will see what we can come up with. Some suggestions have been Wills, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Health Directives and Robert is investigating a talk from the Public Trustees Office in Bundaberg.


The next Shed Day is:

 this coming  - Thursday  30th January

                                    9am  1 Wattle Street

Have a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit.  Costa gold coin please !

Come along for Phil’s latest report on our progress,


A recent study has found that the average Aussie walks 900 miles a year.

Another study has revealed that Aussies drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year !!!

That means that, on average, Aussies get .........41 miles to the gallon.

There are a lot of walkers in Woodgate and judging by the returns from the recycled aluminium cans over the Christmas holidays  – I would say that we are well above average in Woodgate !

Keep those aluminium cans coming !!

Max Emery


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