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Annual General Meeting

President’s Report – 2013

Welcome; Deputy Mayor, Ladies and Gentlemen, Residents and Guests.

Thank you for attending this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Woodgate and District Residents Association.

This Association was formed to “Promote the Interests of Woodgate “. To do this we try to reflect the wishes of the Residents of Woodgate to the local, state and federal levels of government.

As residents of this small town, we all come from different backgrounds but we have all chosen to live here in these beautiful surroundings. Together as can be seen by the companion organisations in town such as the Rural Fire, SES, First Responders and the like, we residents can come together when required to meet most challenges.

We look to our three tiers of government to support us by providing us with the services we need. To do this we the residents need to keep reminding those three tiers of what those needs are.

This is what your Residents Association is for.

Last year we again ran the Clean up Australia Day. We chose a day later in the year – both because of weather [the rain and sun] and also as we felt there would be more work for use after the Easter Holidays.  We were not disappointed. The Rural Fire came to our assistance by providing mobile communications for all our groups and also for picking up our stockpiles of rubbish around town. I thank the men and ladies of the Rural Fire for their assistance. I also need to thank all the other residents who also took time to help us clean up Woodgate. 

We will be “Cleaning Up” the town again this year the week end after Easter – on Sunday 7th April.

A major project we have started is to refurbish the kitchen in this Hall. This project was identified by the hall users group after the Residents Association to over Management Rights a couple of years ago.

We have had a plan produced and have begun to seek expression of interest from local builders who may wish to undertake the work.

Once we have the quotes in, your new committee will be able to make a decision on when we can proceed. We already have most of the equipment required to go into the kitchen after we were able to purchase it from a former local resident.

We were fortunate to receive a State Government Grant which covered the cost of producing the plan and some of the equipment purchases. I thank the former State Government for that Grant.

I would hope that we could commence work on the kitchen later this year. This of course depends on the final cost of the project. Tony, we may be asking the Council for some funds towards this; I hope the Council will look favourably on our application.

With managing this hall we have had a couple of incidents recently with hirers. I have asked the Council whether we can refuse a hirer. It does appear we are able to but more like we will put tougher requirements on the hirers; this will include a requirement for security guards to be present – paid for by the hirer. The committee which will be elected today will have to decide what restrictions will need to be put in place.

We have kept the rental of the hall at a reasonable rate since taking over. At this time I cannot see any reason why the rate would change for our regular users.  Once we have the new kitchen in-place – rental for the full use of that facility will need to be reviewed.

As always I must thank my fellow executive; Treasurer Heather Wieland, Secretary Carole Baxter who is standing down from this meeting and Deputy Rudy Van Roden and the remaining members of our Committee. Without your support, this organisation would not be able to survive and serve the Residents of Woodgate. 

I must also thank the many volunteers – BBQ Cleaners and others. A special thanks to the organisers of our Flood Appeal Morning Tea.

It has been a privilege to be your President for the last number of years; I hope to be of some use for many more.

Thank you.

John Trevor