What is the siren I hear about 4pm on some Mondays?

  • Every training Monday we test the sirens that alert our volunteers that there is a fire in the area and that they should report to the Emergency Services Centre in Acacia Street. The sirens are located at the oval near the Woodgate Club, at the ESC and at the water tanks near the hardware store.


Will the Brigade respond to a house fire?


  • As our name implies we are a rural fire brigade and our members are not trained, or equipped to deal with a fire in a house. That said, the Brigade would certainly respond and do what it could to prevent a fire spreading, until an urban fire brigade arrived from Childers or Bundaberg.


Can I light a fire to burn off rubbish?


  • Yes – under certain conditions you can burn off rubbish – but common sense should be used. And it must not have a greater volume than 2 meters in any direction if you don't have a permit. Don't burn toxic material and consider your neighbours. If in doubt check with a warden


What determines a Total Fire Ban?


  • When fire weather conditions become extremely dangerous, The Commissioner, QFRS, with the approval of the Minister, can declare a State of Fire Emergency.
    • Local Fire Bans are normally imposed over an entire local government area and prohibit the lighting of all or only certain types of fires, depending on the severity of the emergency. (Gas and electric barbecues may be used).
    • When fire bans are in place either as a local Fire Ban or during a State of Fire Emergency:
      • ◦ The lighting of fires in the declared fire ban areas are prohibited subject to any special conditions or exemptions
      • ◦ All open fires are prohibited;
      • ◦ All Permits to Light Fire issued in the designated area are cancelled.
      • ◦ Other special conditions (or exemptions) may be imposed.
    • Fire bans are advertised widely and remain in force until cancelled. Information can also be obtained at any time by phoning free call 1800 020 440.


Do I need a permit?


  • Fires that are exempt from requiring a Permit to Light Fire are:
    • Fires that are less than 2 meters in any direction. Note: These fires are not exempt during any Fire Danger Period and a permit must be obtained from a fire warden.
    • Fires lit outdoors in a properly prepared fireplace for the purpose of cooking (e.g. BBQ and camp fires). In this instance it is the responsibility of the person lighting or maintaining the fire to ensure adequate precautions are taken to prevent the spread of fire.
    • Certain fires used by primary producers and for industrial purposes.


How do I find a fire warden?


  • The local warden is Bruce Thompson on 0427 136 859 or 4126 8810, if Bruce is not available contact the Chief Fire Warden in Bundaberg 4150 7999. For other wardens access the Fire Warden Finder


What does the warden do?


  • Following receipt of your application the fire warden may impose conditions on a permit to reduce unwanted risk or nuisance to other people, property or to the environment. The fire warden may refuse to issue a permit if they believe that appropriate safety measures cannot be reasonably achieved.


Who pays?


  • All ratepayers within the Bundaberg Regional Council area contribute to the upkeep of their local Rural Fire Brigade through a levy paid through the Council with their rates. There are no charges for a call out.


Does it cost me anything to join?


  • No, only your time for training and if you are available, during an incident.


Would I be trained?


  • Yes, the Brigade has a training program that is augmented by formal training provided through the Area Office in Bundaberg.


Am I bushfire prepared?


  • In Woodgate we all carry some risk from bushfire. AreYouPrepared
    For a copy of Are you bushfire prepared? Control + Click on the image, download and read this important document
  • If you cant access it call John Foster on 4126 8594 for a copy .